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Jewish Life

As we travel through life, Judaism offers wisdom, rituals and traditions which guide and teach us and connect us to the wider community. It helps us make of the events of our life’s journey opportunities for reflection and sanctification.

This section of the website offers materials on celebrating in the home and synagogue through the Jewish week and year, and on marking the joys and sorrows of the life cycle.

It is very important to us to do our best to support the members of our congregation and all those who seek our help in any way we reasonably can.

At the same time, we know that those who gain most from the community and from their Jewish life are those who give the most to it. We therefore ask you to help us create the community with the depth of heart we want it to have when we ourselves are in need.


‘All Israel are responsible for one another’
Talmud: Shavuot 39a