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Care and Support

One of our core values at NNLS is to create a supportive and inclusive community caring for each other throughout life’s journey. We aspire to achieve this goal in a number of different ways. 

In case of bereavement or other emergency, please contact the NNLS Office. If the office is closed, an emergency telephone number will be available on our answering machine.


Our Network group is in place to provide a range of services to the community in times of need, such as bereavement, illness  or any crisis situations you might face.

NNLS Employment Support

In light of the current credit crunch times in which we find ourselves, there is Employment Support available for those who need help in finding a new job.

Community Freezer

We run a community freezer which you can contribute to or take from as and when you have need.

Baby Pool

Our Baby Pool is there for families with new babies who can make use of baby clothes and equipment.

Supportive Non Jewish Partners

For mixed faith families in the community we run SNJP, our group for Supportive Non Jewish Partners and their families. For further information, contact Zahavit Shalev

Single Mothers

A new support group for single mums from across the Jewish community began in February 2012 at NNLS. Please click the link for more information. We've put together a list of resources for single parents that you can download by clicking this link.

Memorial Service for our Lost Babies

This is an annual service in memory of our children who died during pregnancy, or at birth, or in the months following birth. Click here to find out more.

What Haven't We Thought Of...

If there is any type of support you need that we have not already thought of, please contact our Executive Director, Claire Mandel, to discuss how we might be able to help.