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Converting to Judaism at NNLS

We warmly welcome to our community those seeking to embrace Judaism.

Deciding to convert is a big decision and one that is never undertaken lightly. Whilst being tremendously rewarding, the conversion process demands great effort and application. In brief, we expect prospective converts to be sincere, committed and serious about this demanding, exciting and life changing process. We, for our part, endeavour to be clear, helpful, understanding and supportive.

Conversion touches many more lives than just the person who is converting – as well as friends and family, our community, too, is enriched by the presence of people who have spent significant time and energy learning and thinking about what it means to be Jewish.

In recent years the trickle of conversion students at NNLS has turned into a flow, and in response, in 2008 we re-launched our conversion programme under Zahavit Shalev, our first ever Conversion Co-ordinator. We are very committed to running an excellent conversion programme. Teaching is undertaken by a variety of experienced teachers, and classes are taught in small groups. We take pride in managing to make the course intellectually rigorous as well as nurturing and friendly.

You are welcome to contact us at any point on your journey towards Judaism, but it is helpful if you have attended the Synagogue for services or events and have a sense of our community and its ethos.

However, we appreciate that it can be difficult to enter an unfamiliar setting, so do be in touch if you would like someone to meet you and look after you on your initial visits. If you would like to talk about any aspect of conversion please contact Zahavit Shalev.

And, click here for information on the Masorti Bet Din’s conversion procedure , within which NNLS’s programme is integrated.