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You and the Community

We hope you feel welcomed, included and at home in our community, at whatever age or stage you find yourself. Please tell us what we can do to help and encourage you on your Jewish journey.

A community is made of individuals, each with their hopes, needs and questions, each seeking a different place within the community, and each with particular gifts and opportunities to make their contribution. We believe in opening doors into Judaism and into our community, for seekers, for those already committed and knowledgeable and for those who may be asking themselves if there is a place for them.

Our aim is to cultivate a spirit of openness, sharing, generosity and responsibility.

That’s why we need your help, to enable us to create the kind of congregation we want for one another.

'...we want to create a supportive and inclusive community, caring for each other throughout life’s journey'
NNLS’s Values and Vision