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Tzedakah / Charities – Giving at NNLS

Tzedakah is a mainstay of Jewish life. The sages teach that the world was built upon kindness. However, tzedakah goes one step beyond. Literally translated as “justice” or “righteousness,” tzedakah tells us that sharing what we have with others isn't something special, it is the just thing to do.

NNLS supports a range of charities through our appeals at Pesach and Yom Kippur, and throughout the year.

High Holydays Appeal Charities 2018

Thank you to all members who nominated such great charities for this year’s Appeal.

The charities we are supporting this year are:

MyIsrael –
Virtual Technology Programme, the only one of its kind in Israel, provides opportunities for housebound seniors in Israel to interact virtually with their peers.

The Abraham Fund –
Shared learning programme in which Jewish and Arab schools are paired, with facilitated encounters between pupils & accompanying teacher training.

Refugees at Home  –
Offers transitional hosting while asylum-seekers sort their status with the Home Office (which can take many months) and to enable those with recent refugee status to get their new lives in the UK on track.

Jewish Volunteering Network –
Project providing mentoring, enabling adults with autism and other special needs to participate in volunteering activities, opening the door for these adults to develop their self-confidence, gain experience, and build their CV towards finding paid employment.

Young Minds –
NNLS teens’ chosen cause: Young Minds’ mission is to ensure all young people get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties.

NNLS Family Masorti Causes
As a community we also want to support organisations who share our Masorti values and with whom we often work in partnership, and indeed from whose work our community benefits. This might include Noam, the Masorti Youth Movement, who develop many of our young peoples’ knowledge and leadership skills – or, the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where many of our community members spend time deepening their Jewish knowledge and text skills. Donating through our annual Yom Kippur Appeal is one way we can meet this obligation to support our wider Masorti family.

Fuller details will be provided with the Rosh Hashanah mailing, which members will receive by post.

Donate Online

You can donate to the appeal online by clicking here.

However, if you still wish to donate by hard copy form and cheque or charity voucher, please contact the synagogue office.

Daniel Oppenheimer and Claire Straus
Charities Committee Co Chairs

"And when you reap the harvest in your land, you shall not reap the corners of your field; neither shall you gather the gleaning of your harvest.  And you shall not glean your vineyard, nor shall you gather the single grapes of your vineyard.  You shall leave them for the poor and the stranger." Vayikra 19:9-10