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About the NNLS Library

The NNLS Library, located in the Beit Midrash, is open for reference and borrowing.

Its over 1400 books includes sections on Anglo-Jewry, Bible, Culture (including Art, Literature, Poetry, Humour and Travel), Fiction, History, Holocaust, Israel, Judaism General, Prayers and Festivals, Rabbinic, Rites of Passage and Women and Judaism. A children's section is planned.

The link to its catalogue which is now on the Cloud is -

Left click the name of an author:  all books by that author will appear

Left click “Genre”: all books in that genre will appear

In both cases left click a particular book and details of that book will appear for the more recent publications.

The Library operates a self service system for the borrowing and return of books. Instructions for both will be found in the Beit Midrash. Books can be borrowed and returned at any time (save for Shabbat and Festivals) when the Beit Midrash is not in use.

The Library is fortunate to have had generous donations of books and finance. Both will be welcome in future to enable the Library to expand. Anyone wishing to donate specific books should  first email a written list of the books to Victor Miller via the Synagogue Office. All queries in relation to the Library should be sent to the same email address.

Please click here to read the latest Library Notes.