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Assif is an informal, traditional, egalitarian minyan and an affiliate of NNLS with which it shares a close and creative relationship. 

Assif's aim is to run services which are:

• Traditional, which means we follow Masorti halachic guidelines regarding content of the service and use of the traditional 'Singer's' Siddur.

• Egalitarian, in that there is full participation for  men and women in all roles.

• Participative, aiming to have as many people as possible involved in running the service rather than leaving it all to a small group of experts, as well as using a style of davening (prayer leading) and melodies which allow everyone to join in as much as possible.

• Educational, seeking to build the skills and knowledge of all who attend, particularly 'shul skills' (leyning - chanting from the Torah, davening etc), while decisions on practice are taken only after thoughtful group study of the issues involved.

• Spiritual, providing a positive and uplifting inner experience.

Assif meets every Shabbat morning at 9.30am at NNLS. 

On festivals, services are usually held jointly with Hakol Olin.