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Traditional Services at NNLS

Our Traditional Services are usually held in the Synagogue hall every Friday evening and Shabbat morning, on Sunday, Monday and Thursday mornings and on all festivals.  There are also Minchah services on Shabbat afternoons (often held at members' homes). 

At our Traditional Services, men and women sit separately, although there is no mechitzah (physical divider) and only men lead the service or read from, and are called up to, the Torah. We have a strong tradition of participation, and we are proud that our services are led by members, rather than by a professional chazan (cantor).

We follow a familiar liturgy using the 'Singer's' prayer book with just a few variations. We are happy to arrange help and mentoring for anyone who wants to learn to daven (lead services) or to leyn (chant from the Torah), or who just wants to improve their understanding of the service.

Our service encourages a warm and welcoming atmosphere with traditional melodies, and we aim to stimulate kavannah (spiritual concentration) along with friendly informality.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are regularly celebrated within our Traditional Services, as well as aufrufs (honouring the bride and groom before a wedding) and baby namings. Our services are generally followed by a Kiddush which gives everyone a chance to chat together in a relaxing atmosphere.