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Learning and Activities

Planning our programme of learning and activities is one of our most exciting and stimulating challenges. From babies (and their parents) to seniors, from Hebrew reading to Talmud, from baking challah to making music, we try to share the wealth of Jewish knowledge and wisdom in an open, enjoyable and compelling way.

Our aim is to grow in Jewish knowledge and confidence, engage with Jewish teaching in a way which speaks to our lives, and experience the love of Torah.

Our vision is to look outwards to the moral challenges which face Jews, society, Israel and the world and inwards to the development of our heart, mind, conscience and soul.

We believe in the love of Jewish life and learning, the pursuit of knowledge of Torah in the spirit of truth, and commitment to social action.

We are always open to new plans and ideas and welcome your suggestions for enriching our Jewish life.

‘Put it into our hearts…to study, teach
and practise all the words of your Torah in love’
The Daily Shacharit Service